Active medical publishers

Peter Little
Prof. Little completed a B. Pharm. at the Victorian College of Pharmacy (now Monash University) followed by an M. Sc. and Ph. D. at The University of Sydney and Post-Doctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (NIEHS, USA). Peter's recent research has centred on the cardiovascular complications of diabetes, specifically the role of modified proteoglycans in lipid deposition diseases such as atherosclerosis and most recently the molecular endocrinology of the signalling pathways controlling the synthesis and structure of the lipid-binding proteoglycan, biglcyan.
Tanya M Obertik
In 2009 I took the opportunity to relocate to Australia and practiced as a GP in the Redcliffe and North Lakes areas of Queensland for nearly 3 years. Following my further relocation to the Sunshine Coast in March 2011, and am looking forward to meeting new patients and making the most of the Sunshine Coast lifestyle.
Christopher Freeman
Dr Chris Freeman graduated with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from James Cook University and has gone onto complete a Graduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy and a PhD from the University of Queensland. Chris' major research theme is on developing the evidence to support future roles for pharmacists in the healthcare setting. He is particularly interested in further developing the evidence for the pharmacist working in a collaborative model in the Australian primary care setting.