Terms of delivery

General terms of delivery

Order delivery is made only after receiving payment receipt. The delivery time is counted from the day when you receive e-mail with receipt confirming your payment.

We do not handle orders during the weekend. In case you place your order on Friday 15:00, it will only be processed by the pharmacy next Monday.

The delivery date depends on your location and the location of the supplier, as well as the time of payment. The total delivery time takes up to 18 working days (Monday-Friday).

Our online pharmacy bears no responsibility for late order delivery due to extraordinary circumstances (eg, long-term processing, strike at the post office, return of merchandise, notice of uncompleted delivery lost, etc.)

Important: Please make sure that your email address has been specified. This will allow you to be always informed about the current processing of your order (order and its development, receipt of payment and confirmation of the shipment). Also note that in case your email address has been incorrectly filled, and you have not informed us, your order information may fall into the hands of third parties.

In case the information concerning the invoice or the delivery address is not complete, the delivery can be postponed for clarification of details.

We ask you to pay attention when you fill invoice and delivery address while making the order. If the delivery address was not indicated correctly and in the meantime the order has already been sent, the customer must immediately inform the customer support service.

In case you have any questions regarding the processing of your order, the shipping of your goods will be postponed while waiting for the clarification of details.

We ship goods in most countries of the world. In case you do not find the name of your country in our list, please let us know.

We ship goods anonymously in a white envelope containing an inner protective layer consisting of polyethylene air bubbles.

We only deliver products from EU countries, so there is no problem with customs. However, there may be problems when the package is stopped at customs. Please note that we are not responsible for customs regulations in the country of destination.

Non-correct shipping address

We kindly ask to verify that in the order form you have specified correct delivery address. We advise you to recheck the order form before sending it to us. Any possible error could prevent the arrival of your order. If after placing the order you notice that the address indicated was incorrect, inform us as soon as possible.