Travel Aids


Harbourside Day & Night Pharmacy is your one stop shop for all your travel needs. We have everything from travel accessories, travel size personal care products to medical aids. 


We stock the Korjo range of products including adaptors to meet Australian requirements as well as all the various countries around the world. The product range also includes travel pillows, travel money pockets, laundry & bathroom products, TSA combination and padlocks, luggage accessories, money belts, pouches, waist packs, passport wallets, packing aids and organizers, as well as personal comfort items. 


With a large dedicated travel section we stock a diverse range of common brand travel size personal care products.


We can also assist you in recommending basic medical and first aid supplies dependent on your destination and activities for all your family members. 


Did you know that we can also assist with Passport Photos including baby, infants and toddlers? Come in and chat with us, we will be very happy to assist you. No bookings required.