Our experienced owner pharmacist John Moawad and his pharmacist Theresa will advise and assist you in all matters pertaining to your prescription medications. They can also conduct a thorough medication review should you require. 


PBS/NHS Prescriptions 


The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme include prescribed medicines that are subsidised by the Federal Government under the National Health Scheme (NHS) and these prices are set by the Federal Government and are consistent across the pharmacy industry and cannot be discounted. 


Private Prescriptions


Private Prescription medicines are not subsidised by the Federal Governments National Health Scheme. There are many cases where it may be cheaper to purchase certain prescriptions as a private script rather a PBS script. You will not be eligible for a Prescription record Form (PRF) sticker, which contributes to your safety net card. Many private prescriptions can also be claimed through Private Health Funds and in such cases we will provide a claimable receipt.


Concession Cardholders


Effective 1 Jan 2015 Concession cardholders such as Pensioners, Health Care, Veteran Affairs pay $6.10 for the majority of NHS Prescriptions, depending whether it is a more expensive brand or a generic brand.


Safety Net


To assist patients who may require a large quantity of medicines throughout the year, the government provides a Safety Net Scheme for PBS medicines. Once the threshold is reached an appropriate Safety Net card will be issued to you.  As a regular customer, we maintain and track the number of prescriptions dispensed throughout the course of the year and issue you with a SN card when your threshold has been reached.


Scripts & Repeats


All prescription medications must be dispensed on original doctors scripts. Likewise all repeats of prescription medications must be dispensed on original repeat scripts. If you prefer, at Harbourside Day & Night Pharmacy we are happy to manage and file your repeat prescriptions in-house. This ensures security of your repeats and ensures that they do not go missing. 


Generic Medicines


Generic Medicines are a great way to save money on your medicines. A generic medicine is one that is a direct substitute for the original brand. It will have the same composition, strength and active ingredients but in most cases will be cheaper. Ultimately it is the customers choice, but we will advise you in this regard. Click here to read more.